The Story of Sunny Isle Shopping Center

by Christopher Highfield

Time passes rapidly, and history is swiftly written and quickly forgotten. Those who were present at the time find it difficult to believe that the construction of The Sunny Isle Shopping Center began in 1970, now some forty-six years ago. All of the excitement, expectations, and hope surrounding that event have now dissipated in the passage of days, weeks, months, and years and dissolved into the humdrum of everyday life. Therein lies the purpose of this little book. In these pages the particulars of that early age of development are reviewed and analyzed by a young member of the Highfield-de Chabert family. Moreover, there are extensive interviews with Dr. Ralph de Chabert, head of the family and driving force, along with his brothers Austin de Chabert and Mario de Chabert as well as his sisters Rita de Chabert-Schuster and Shirley de Chabert-Highfield, who one and all were behind the effort to finance, build, and develop Sunny Isle Shopping Center. Already this publication has shown its value in the extent to which it throws new light on the facts that have now begun to yellow around the edges.

CHRISTOPHER R. HIGHFIELD graduated from Excelsior College with a major in Biology and is presently working on an MA in Environmental Education at Concordia University.

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